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Together We Grow congratulates President Terry Racciato on winning a Health Care Champion Award!  Additionally, Together We Grow was recently featured on NBC, ABC and KUSI.  To read more and view the footage, please click here.

Happy Graduation Preschoolers!

This summer, Together We Grow celebrated the success of its preschoolers by holding graduation ceremonies at both sites. Each graduation included a spotlight on each child, recognizing them for their unique talents and characteristics. The children performed songs, dances and poems, Togather We Growmuch to the delight of their parents and teachers. We are excited to see them off to kindergarten and proud of the progress they have made since their start at Together We Grow. These children have learned to play together and accept one another. Their time at Together We Grow has prepared them to meet the challenges of a new school with different people and expectations. We are confident our graduating preschoolers will be successful in their future endeavors and look forward to seeing great things from them.

To see more pictures from the graduations, please click here.


Our Shining Star - Tovah

Togather We Grow

A regular attendee since she was three months, Tovah is already a veteran of Together We Grow. She is a perfect example of the effect Together We Grow has on the children who go there. Tovah’s mom explains that she has her daughter at Together We Grow with the hope she will learn compassion and openness toward all people, regardless of their differences. Just three, Tovah is already happy to accept all kinds of people and is not affected by outside appearances or conditions. At the center, she takes any opportunity she can to help the nurses and her friends. When her mom asked her what she wants to be when she grows up, Tovah was quick to answer, “I want to be a nurse so I can hang out at the nurse’s table and check the kids in.” She is described by her teachers as one of the most loving children at Together We Grow, concerned about the well-being of her peers. One of Tovah’s dearest friends is Julia, who is medically fragile. Because Tovah has grown up in this inclusive environment, she is not at all phased by Julia’s physical differences but focuses on making sure Julia is invited to her birthday party and that they have play time together. Tovah even named her first baby doll Julia after her friend.


A Parent’s Perspective

Tovah’s mom, Beth, learned about Together We Grow through the YMCA. After touring the center, she knew this was the place for her daughter. When asked why she decided on Together We Grow and why she keeps Tovah there, Beth described the loving, caring environment created for all children. Beth was also comforted by the fact Togather We Growthat Together We Grow’s staff is comprised of nurses. Tovah did not go into Together We Grow with any special needs, but when she was six months old she was diagnosed with asthma. She would need medication given by someone who knew how to administer it to an infant. Beth was reassured by the staff at Together We Grow that this would be no problem, just a part of the daily routine. Beth not only keeps Tovah at Together We Grow because of her confidence in the staff but also because she wants her daughter to grow up around a variety of people and learn how to accept them as they are. Seeing that her daughter is already grasping the concepts of compassion and love warms Beth’s heart. When asked if she would recommend Together We Grow to other parents, Beth responded with a resounding “Definitely, for sure!”

For more information on Together We Grow or to refer a child, please visit the website at, or feel free to contact us at (858) 751 – 0506 (San Diego) or (760) 757-6031 (Oceanside).


Getting to Know Together We Grow

-John Linen

Thirteen years ago, John Linen responded to ad in the newspaper for a nurse at Together We Grow. He has been here ever since. An avid harpist and beach-goer, John loves his work at Together We Grow. “Love keeps me there,” he notes, adding that it’s not just for the children, as one might expect. He is moved by the outpouring of love and appreciation from everyone involved, from the staff to the children to the families. John claims that Together We Grow is literally like a home to him.

Someone in John’s position is exposed to miracles and incredible experiences everyday. In fact, when asked if he could mention one in particular, he had a difficult time narrowing it down, but said the most recent occurrence was seeing Kyle, a student with cerebral palsy, walk for the first time without his walker. Citing a supportive environment both at home and at Together We Grow as contributors to Kyle’s success, John adds that it is impossible to measure the value of seeing someone walk who was not supposed to. He points out that one of the reasons he loves Together We Grow is the opportunity it affords him to help the children learn, succeed and accept one another.


Togather We Grow


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