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Separation Anxiety for Parents?

As we send our children off to school or to child care for the first time, we all expect that they will have some form of separation anxiety. They are leaving the familiar behind and trying something new, so it stands to reason they would be nervous and react. Why then, are we so surprised when we, as adults, feel the same way? If you or someone you know is dealing with separation anxiety, rest assured you are not alone.

As parents ourselves, we know how difficult it is to leave our children while we deal with life’s demands. Together We Grow created its unique pediatric day health care facilities with this in mind. We do everything in our power to make that first time parents are separated from their children as positive an experience as possible. Our parents have peace of mind, knowing their children are getting the finest care possible from the recognized leader in pediatric care. We are staffed with skilled nurses, and our inclusive program makes sure every child understands he or she is special, whether typical or medically fragile. Our facilities have been built with the creative, developmental and physical needs of the children in mind.

Together We Grow was structured for families. We know no one can take the place of a parent, but Together We Grow works hard to make sure that when mom or dad cannot be there, each child gets the best opportunities to learn and grow, surrounded by loving and supporting staff and peers. Everything we do is to help parents feel comfortable leaving their children under someone else’s supervision.

Our Shining Star

One of our most special students, seven-year-old Noah, has been with us since the age of six months. He started with us after his mom, Leslie, was told about Together We Grow in the NICU. Togather We GrowNoah has a spirit like no other, always determined to do his best to reach new heights – literally. When we opened our new center in San Diego, we were concerned about Noah hurting himself on the jungle gym, knowing it would be difficult for a little boy with limited leg strength to climb the rock wall. With all his might, Noah showed his strength by pulling himself to the top of that rock wall and looked down with a wide and proud smile on his face. Noah is known for his amazing efforts and successes like this one. It’s his can-do attitude and confidence that recently won him the Coolest Kid in School Award. Noah’s mom credits Together We Grow for helping him realize his potential, saying, “Together We Grow is wonderful. They’ve worked very hard with Noah to help him grow in ways parents can’t even do.”

Getting to Know Together We Grow
Debbie Safcik

When Debbie moved to San Diego she was looking for something different. She began her employment with Together We Grow in June of 2005. Now that she’s spent time here, she knows she has found something special. Debbie is the Administrator for both Together We Grow sites (San Diego and Oceanside). She also loves being a part of an organization that cares for medically fragile children and helps their families have some element of respite in order to reenergize and spend time with other family members. She appreciates working in a place where stress relief is built into the job. On any given day, Debbie can walk into the baby room and spend time rocking a baby, which is, indeed, a stress reliever. She loves spending time with the children and finds it very rewarding when she walks into a classroom and a child runs up and hugs her because he or she is legitimately happy to see her.

Debbie participates in a variety of activities which include gardening, doing crafts and volunteering with her church. She also loves outdoor activities such as snorkeling and skiing.

Debbie’s Breakfast Stratta

6 eggs

2 c. milk

6 slices of bread

1 tsp. salt

1 tsp. dry mustard

1 lb. bulk sausage, cubed ham or bacon

1 c. sharp shredded cheddar cheese


Brown meat, drain. Beat eggs, salt and dry mustard together. Add milk. Spray an 8” X 8” pan with cooking spray. Place bread, cheese and meat in greased pan. Pour egg mixture over. Refrigerate overnight.

Preheat oven to 350º. Prepare a water bath and place pan containing mixture into water bath. Cook for 55 minutes. Let stand for 10 minutes. Slice into squares and serve.

New Year, New Weekends

As we move into 2008, we will have a new schedule for the Medically Fragile Weekend Program. This program was created to give primary caregivers some adult time and a “break” from the demands of 24-hour care so they can be refreshed and better parents. With a full staff on hand, including skilled nurses, 2008 is shaping up to be just as exciting a year as any, with a prom, movies and the opportunity for these children to spend entire weekends with their friends and peers in a safe and nurturing environment.

Togather We Grow

Referral Reminder

As our parents and support groups, we depend on your referrals to keep Together We Grow running. We are committed to serving San Diego children, but we need your referrals to do it. If you have a child in mind but are not sure if he or she qualifies, please feel free to visit the website at, or contact us at (858) 751 – 0506 (San Diego) or (760) 757-6031 (Oceanside).



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