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Children with documented skilled nursing needs may qualify for funding services at Together We Grow through a variety of sources.  Three principal funding sources are available for parents who wish to have their children attend Together We Grow.  Private insurance may not disqualify a child from other funding sources.

  1. Medi-Cal - Some children may qualify for Medi-Cal eligibility separate from their parents' income
  2. Regional Center - Funding may come from Early Start or Skilled Nursing Hours (including weekend program)
  3. Military – Respite and child care hours available through government funded programs.  For more information, please click here.

Our pricing for typical children is comparable to the day cares in the area.  We accept vouchers from state and funding on sliding scale supplemented child care based on family income.  Funding is available to Marine families through Child Care in Your Neighborhood and typical dependents of EFMP family members.

The following are examples of what may qualify a child for funding through one of the afore mentioned sources:

  1. Medication administration including oral, enteral, rectal, or inhalation (including nebulizer treatment)
  2. Enteral nutrition
  3. Skilled nursing monitoring, interventions and assessment
  4. Respiratory treatment, which may involve oxygen administration or suctioning
  5. Tracheostomy care

For more information on what steps you need to take to obtain funding for your child, please call a Together We Grow case manager at 858-751-0506 (San Diego) or 760-757-6031 (North County).

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