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Together We Grow has taken the extra steps necessary to ensure that your child will get the unique attention he or she needs.  Our low staff to child ratio guarantees there is always a qualified individual to care for your child.  Our staff is comprised of Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, and early education and special education teachers.  Each classroom has at least one (more if needed) staff member certified to administer medication.  Our facilities were built with the needs of medically fragile children in mind and include lifts, special bathroom arrangements, assistive technology and a sensory integration room.

Our weekend program is geared specifically toward families of medically fragile children ranging from ages zero to 21 years.  We understand that caring for a medically fragile child is a full-time job, often requiring 24-hour supervision.  This program is designed to give parents, who have sometimes not had a break in years, a much-needed rest, which helps maintain the “normalcy” of the family unit.  It gives the attending child, who may never have the chance to spend the night at a friend’s house or go to prom or camp, that opportunity in a safe and friendly environment.

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