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Working with medically fragile children, we see many parents who have never been away from their children, making it difficult to let go.  Be it for day care, preschool or our weekend program, we do everything in our power to make that brief separation as positive an experience as possible.

Whether it’s your first time leaving or just one of those extra emotional days, we are here to help you feel confident being temporarily away from your child.  We offer the following tips to parents dealing with separation anxiety. 

Talk It Up – As soon as you know your child will attend Together We Grow, start talking about how fun and exciting it will be.  Talk to your child about the friends to be made, new toys to be played with and the sort of activities offered.  If your child is happy to be here, you will feel less guilty about leaving.

Take a Tour – Feel free to visit the center a couple times.  Bring your child with you to see how he or she reacts to the environment, other children and staff.  Once you see your child is comfortable at Together We Grow, you will be more comfortable having him or her here.

Ease Into It – Especially when considering the weekend program, keep in mind that your child does not have to stay an entire weekend, particularly the first time.  Start out slow, dropping your child off Friday evening and pick him or her up Saturday morning.

Talk to the Staff – Our staff will know all of your child’s medical needs, but remember, you have been with your child his or her entire life.  We welcome helpful information about your child’s specific needs and your specific concerns.  Knowing the staff respects and considers your child’s needs will give you peace of mind.

Talk to Other Parents – You are not the only one who feels anxiety or guilt when leaving your child in a child care center.  Meet the parents of the other children and discuss your feelings and experiences, or join a parent support group.

Occupy your Time – Nothing will make the time you are away from your child go slower than watching the clock.  Take this time to accomplish the things you need to, be it working, running errands or just taking a nap.  Keeping busy, you’ll find yourself wondering where the time went when it’s time to pick up your child.

We know no one can take your place, but Together We Grow works hard to make sure that when you cannot be there, your child gets the best opportunities to learn and grow available, surrounded by loving and supporting staff and peers.   

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