Mrs. Terry Racciato
President, Together We Grow, Inc.
San Diego, CA

Dear Mrs. Racciato,

I would like to thank you on behalf of the United States Marine Corps for the services you have provided to family members of Marines and Sailors in the San Diego area. Your facility has provided treatment for over 200 dependents of military personnel in the San Diego area. You have consistently provided exceptional medical care to the sons and daughters of military members, allowing service members to better focus on their mission of protecting our country. The Exceptional Family Member Program has been a wonderful source of support for Marine Corps families, and organizations such as yours remove the barriers that restrict our Marines and Sailors from meeting then-potential. The results you have attained providing treatment have been exceptional, and you have my heartfelt gratitude.

As a result of your efforts, you have increased the morale and readiness for many Marines and Sailors in the San Diego area. Programs such as yours in San Diego would also be beneficial to Marines and Sailors at our other bases. Marine Corps bases at Quantico and Camp Lejeune, North Carolina do not currently have facilities such as Together We Grow in their immediate area. The Marine Corps has a significant number of exceptional family members in these areas. Currently there are over 1,000 family members enrolled in the exceptional family member program in the Washington, D.C, and Quantico area, and over 1,000 members at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. It is my hope that programs such as Together We Grow will continue to provide the outstanding service that you have in order to allow all of our Marines and Sailors to best meet the needs of our nation.

Thank you again for the fine service you have provided for Marine's and Sailor's families and best of luck to you in your future endeavors.


James L. Jones
General, U.S. Marine Corps
Commandant of the Marine Corps

My son is difficult behavior-wise along with his medical problems. At one time it was suggested to me he live in a group home and thanks to Together We Grow, that won't need to happen. Together We Grow is a real blessing to me, and to my son.

Andrea Krause

I feel confident that Mac is receiving the best care and stimulation around (so much so that we opted to keep him out of public preschool).

Cindy Evans

Together We Grow is a wonderful option for parents with medically fragile children to attend. It is a very unique service with nothing like it in the area.

Charlie loves the people interaction and makes it possible for both of us parents to work to support our family versus going on welfare when we are able to work.

It was my godsend as I did not know what as a parent you were to do when typical daycare would not take or support a medically fragile/disabled child.

Julie Eberlein

My grandson was born drug positive. He was on a monitor for 2 months and on a phenobarbital for 3 months. At 4 months he is now on albuterol and pulmicort treatments. A regular daycare center would not have accepted him with these needs. Without this daycare center, I would not have been able to return to work. Knowing that he has access to nurses has alleviated the stress I feel when I drop him off in daycare.


Together We Grow has on occasions given my daughter an outlet other than school and camp. Once a year that is all she has to look forward to. And for parents this is a sanity breaker from day in and day out.

Sandra McFarlin

Together We Grow is a safe environment, my child learns many good "life lessons" (responsibility for oneself and her actions, schedules and rules are important, being respectful to peers and adults, learning and improving on personal care of herself and her belongings). She gets a chance to interact with her peers during a weekend (overnight) setting.

It has been a relief at times for our family, giving us a "break" now & then. Sometimes a little break makes you more "fresh" to start a new week!

Carol Williamson

My son has become more outgoing and wants/needs to be with children his age. He eats by mouth and will get his teeth brushed because of the Together We Grow staff.

Patrick Debon

Cory has been so happy at Together We Grow. He started when he was an infant and since then he has flourished. He loves the nurses, the outside playtime is his favorite, he has many friends, and respite is just wonderful - He looks forward to his special weekends and it gives us parents a break.

Stacy Gibson

I have confidence in the program and the staff, because of this I can get much needed rest and recuperation without worry.

Cheryl Hoslain

They receive a vacation of their own and besides the excellent care, they benefit from teachers and art lessons with adults and children of all types; they have fun!

Bobbie Barra

At the beginning of Together We Grow existence in Oceanside, Ca. a Prayer was certainly answered. Ashley existence today has a lot to do with this Center. Words wouldn't do justice nor would gratitude for such an unselfish endeavor on the creating of such a place of Peace and Tranquil as these God Given persons that gave of their life so people like our family could benefit from this kind of place. At times this place has been a safe haven for us only to see it end at the end of a few months for my daughter Ashley. Sometimes I have been the lowest in my spirit and knowing I had Together We Grow for a break a couple times a month was surely a blessing to keep me afloat a little longer.

Please understand this Center needs to win some kind of award for the most HUMANITARIAN Establishment in North County Serving respite needs for Medically Fragile adolescents.


Sandra McFarlin

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